FinalCountdown: Goodbye Livewire

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  • Song Name: FinalCountdown: Goodbye Livewire
  • Artist: Eliot Fallows
  • Album: Final Countdown
  • Year: 2013

Here is the recording of the final moments of Livewire for this year. This also marks the end of my time at the station and the end of this podcast. Thank you to everyone for listening and for helping me during my time at Livewire. I can honestly say that some of the best times in my life have happened in that studio with some of the best people I'll ever meet.

A special thanks to some people in my heart:
//The Livewire Committees for 2011-13. You guys and girls are the glue that something something.
//Hayley Hammond for keeping the committee roles warm for me and teaching me so much about so much.
//Amy Stanners for being my personal helper and sage.
//Davina Kesby for being my faraway but close companion.
//Joe Levell for being a great friend and avid supporter of the podcast... Sargent Steve...
//Linsey Chaplin for being the absolute pinnacle of perfection as well as recommending podcasts that inspired me get into it in the first place.
//Sophie Clouston for being the fantastic artist that you are, delivering the awesome logo and cartoons for my first series. Lob ewe.
//Jack Parker for being my punching bag but we're still friends so it's fine.
//Tom Ritchie for being my radio cousin- I wasn't on much with you, but I love you.
//George Cumming for being my diary in which all of my frustrations were mumbled at.
//Tony Sadness for being the voice inside my head that makes me do things.
//Adam Plom for being a hilarious friend and always willing to help when I need him. Which was a lot.
//James Lillywhite for putting up with my nonsense and being my radio brother.
//Sam Baker and Kieran Rogers for being my friends who I'll miss too much.
//Daniel Wood for being up for anything and always entertaining even under duress.
//Jay Lawrence for being the fuel that helped me get to where I am. I owe him a lot.
//Laura Stevens for being Laura Stevens. There's nothing more I could have asked for.

I'm very sorry if I've missed anyone out. (It's the middle of the night and I'm emotional)

I've met far too many amazing people at Livewire, but I've only been lucky enough to share a mic with some of them.