EliotFallows: 50th Anniversary Special

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  • Song Name: EliotFallows: 50th Anniversary Special
  • Artist: Eliot Fallows, Laura Stevens, Dan Wood
  • Album: The Eliot Fallows Show
  • Year: 2013

With the likes of Doctor Who, James Bond, Eastenders and UEA all celebrating their 50th anniversaries in style, I thought it was about right that we should too.

It's been 50 episodes since we started back in 2010 (or 1963, I can never remember), so I've been reunited with the wonderful Laura Stevens and Dan Wood for a special Eliot Fallows Show (in which we do none of the old features, but it's rather nice anyway).

I hope you enjoy it because it's probably the last one we'll ever do (I know I said that before, but I mean it this time).

Recorded in January 2013.