Christmas: The Last Christmas

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  • Song Name: Christmas: The Last Christmas
  • Artist: Eliot Fallows
  • Album: Christmas
  • Year: 2012

It's a world just like ours, but there's one big difference (so it's not just like ours really)... Santa Claus is real! (Because he isn't real in our world).

Starring: (in order of appearance)
James Lillywhite
Jack Parker
Ben Hinton
Sophie Clouston
Abbi Forsyth
Holly Butcher
Eliot Fallows
Tom Ritchie
Adam Plom
Amy Nield
James Collins
Kate Duckney
Grace Bayfield
Jay Lawrence
Amy Staniforth
Sam Baker
Barcley Spicer-Jenkins
Kat Spencer
Joe Levell
Ross Attfield
Albert Forsey
and Laura Stevens

14th December 2012